Humanizing Education One Face at a Time

Quote: “No one is born fully formed. It is through self experience that we become what we are.” – Paulo Freire

La Academia de Esperanza Charter High School is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We are a small school of about 200 students, and we are adding our voices and faces to the movement of young people who want to be more than a test score, a statistic, or a “problem”. These photos and statements represent our unique community, and the power of being our unique selves. Our stories are important, and we are proud to have partnered with Humans of New Mexico to make this Inside Out project happen!

Learn more through La Academia de Esperanza Inside Out Project website here.

untitled-21 copy 2

“My favorite part of today was making a silly face. It made me feel good because coming into school I was having a rough morning and doing that brightened my day!” – Nancy Yanez

untitled-215 copy 2

“Esperanza is a second home to most of us. Especially because most of us don’t have one. Most of us have problems at home.” – Mayra Chavez

untitled-196 copy 2

“My favorite part of today was finishing my final and being told that I got the best score out of the class.” – Ahrya Figueroa

untitled-111 copy 2

“I would say I am talented musically. Im a bass player and a trumpet player. I am in 3 groups: mariachi, norteno, and sierreno.” – Abel Murillo

untitled-152 copy 2

“I would say I am talented musically. Im a bass player and a trumpet player. I am in 3 groups: mariachi, norteno, and sierreno.” – Abel Murillo

untitled-168 copy 2

“My favorite part of today was waking up in the morning and knowing that I’m a graduate soon because I come to school everyday.” – Stephanie Enriquez

untitled-85 copy 2

“Hice esas caras porque están chistosas y me gusta sacar la lengua.” – Elias Rodriguez

untitled-131 copy 2

“Something that makes me unique is that I do not follow others. I am myself.” – Efrain Mejia

untitled-10 copy

“I feel really special about being part of Esperanza. Everybody is really connected to each other here. Nobody is left behind.” – Claudia Rios Romero

untitled-147 copy 2

“My favorite part of today was taking these pictures. It distracts you from what you are doing everyday.” – Andres Arroyo

untitled-179 copy 2

“Being part of Esperanza has taught me new steps and help me prepare for my future.” – Bianca Quintana

untitled-5 copy

“Taking these pictures was my favorite part of today. I was kind of stressed out and it just made my day.” – Jonathan Valdez

Additional Photographs

IMG_7378 copy 2

IMG_7444 copy 2.JPG

IMG_7391 copy 2

IMG_7409 copy 2

IMG_7431 copy 2

IMG_7454 copy 2

IMG_7522 copy 2

IMG_7527 copy 2

IMG_7383 copy 2

IMG_7395 copy 2

IMG_7406 copy 2

IMG_7403 copy 2

IMG_7418 copy 2

IMG_7421 copy 2

IMG_7428 copy 2

IMG_7439 copy 2

IMG_7449 copy 2

IMG_7457 copy 2

IMG_7464 copy 2

IMG_7466 copy 2

IMG_7474 copy 2

IMG_7483 copy 2

IMG_7485 copy 2

IMG_7493 copy 2

IMG_7496 copy 2

IMG_7501 copy 2

IMG_7506 copy 2

IMG_7514 copy 2

IMG_7519 copy 2

untitled-25 copy 2

untitled-34 copy 2.jpg

untitled-35 copy 2

untitled-43 copy 2

untitled-48 copy 2

untitled-50 copy

untitled-54 copy 2

untitled-56 copy 2

untitled-67 copy 2

untitled-70 copy 2

untitled-75 copy 2.jpg

untitled-82 copy 2.jpg

untitled-89 copy 2

untitled-94 copy 2

untitled-98 copy

untitled-102 copy 2

untitled-107 copy 2

untitled-113 copy 2

untitled-121 copy 2

untitled-126 copy 2

untitled-136 copy 2

untitled-140 copy 2

untitled-144 copy 2.jpg

untitled-151 copy 2

untitled-159 copy 2.jpg

untitled-161 copy 2

untitled-173 copy 2

untitled-177 copy 2

untitled-187 copy 2

untitled-191 copy 2

untitled-201 copy 2

untitled-204 copy 2

untitled-211 copy 2untitled-224 copy 2

untitled-235 copy 2

untitled-241 copy 2

untitled-242 copy 2

untitled-248 copy 2


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