Media Fellowship

UNM Students interested in media production, oral history and artwork are encouraged to apply to the Humans Of New Mexico Fellowship. Students who are selected will have the experience of co-conducting testimonials of diverse populations around the state of New Mexico along with learning about production skills. Beyond media practice, students will also be able to learn about artistic representations in testimonials, including museum work experience.

Areas of Interest

picture1Fellowship Requirements & Expectations:

Each fellow must:

  • Attend required seminars generally organized.
  • Meet for about 3-5 hours weekly.
  • Will be placed in 1 of 3 committees and learn from an assigned collective member.
  • Complete one transcription project of a story within the Humans of New Mexico Media Fellowship.
  • Co-conduct an interview with their assigned collective mentor.
  • Complete a project pre-assessment and a post-project assessment.
  • Submit a reflection essay (2 page minimum) detailing their findings, experienced gain, and personal insights of their participation in the fellowship.
  • Must be a degree-seeking UNM student.

Fellowship Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the diversity of the communities of the region and the social, historical, political, and economic factors that shape them today.
  • Be able to analyze and compare media productions and their use in cultural expressions.
  • Recognize and explain basic terms, concepts, and approaches to project management.
  • Understand oral history/testimonial methodologies and the development of counterstories.
  • Gain knowledge in artwork production.

Students who complete the fellowship will receive a educational scholarship based on completed fellowship assignments.

Application Instructions

Complete the Fellowship Application and email it, with your personal statement, to by September 8, 2017.